Augmented Reality creates a digital layer of information over the reality and ensures that the information is available on demand via smart devices like a smart phone, smart glass or tablet. The information is pushed to the smart-ware through our software platform. This platform assets, specific for maritime activities, features like remote monitoring combined with live annotations. Main advantage with this feature is that you can have a junior engineer or un-experienced crewmember onboard the vessel and an expert on shore, which gives a major turnaround in cost and capacity of your workforce! You can imagine the advantages this will bring you, can't you!

Shore supportcenter

We take remote support to another level. We bring shore experts to your vessel in seconds instead of days or hours.  

Errorcode database

Boost your engineers brains by on.- and offline databases which will make them understand the products and services better which improves productivity and accuracy enormous. 

Training on the job

Create competitor advantages by learning your team of maritime engineers quickly and efficient by the use our Augmented Reality software platform. We are the first Augmented Reality platform in the maritime industry. 


Our platform for Maritime helps the Maritime industry to optimize their processes. Our aim is to supercharge maritime engineering of all sort by giving them the right knowledge anytime, anywhere in the world. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! And that is very helpful when your vessel is in trouble in a not so convinient port. This way we reduce travel cost dramatically, increase troubleshooting accuracy and optimize the operation of your vessel. Gem Vision Platform for Maritime supports:  


  • Expert video-support anywhere in the world
  • Instant knowledge-base access
  • Business Intelligence
  • Task Management
  • Big Data Solutions


This will be realized by using the possibilities smart glasses at first.  The Platform gives support to a technician on-site, giving all necessary information and the possibility to have a video conference with colleagues all around the world, so they can see what the engineer on-site is seeing. These features gives you the possibility to give live and virtual training for technicians or engineers. As we're logging everything, we can give you insights of big data solutions with real-time data.


Use this platform to optimize your maritime business processes. This will be realized by using the possibilities of augmented reality glasses. This platform gives support to a technician on-site, giving all necessary information and the possibility to have a video conference with colleagues all around the world


We use all kinds of smart devices, but we mainly focus on the Vuzix M300 smartglass. Did you know your engineers work 30% more efficient using a pair of smart glasses instead of using a PDF on a laptop. 


No matter where you are in the world, our expertise on your Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or Satellite connection enables you the full use of all oneline features of our platform. We are more than willing to consult on this topic. You'll be suprised about the possibilities.  


On the hardware end we choose for the Vuzix M300, which has become the new Augmented Reality smartglasses on everyone's mind. The Vuzix hardware in general has many uses cases already with their M100 and with the new M300 to come the world of Augmented Reality is within every companies reach.


The M300 is meant to be an AR headset for enterprise and commercial applications, targeted at maritime  At the M300's core is an Intel Atom processor and 64GB of built-in memory. The headset also features a camera for live streaming and recording as well as wireless connectivity capabilities that allow it to interface with Android and iOs devices. It also features head tracking, GPS, as well as voice control and gesture controls (via a touch pad).